A Personal Blog

I have always been driven to know things. Even when I shouldn't. The term "curious" doesn't even begin to describe my approach to life. When I was younger I wanted to know everything and do everything. Somewhere along the way I realized that was not possible, that I had better scale back my goals and focus on what's really important to me to get done in this lifetime. I'm not sure I'm doing a good job of that, but I'm still trying.

I've always been introspective, trying to figure myself out. I sometimes wonder if that is what drives my obsession with genealogy; can knowing everything possible to know about my ancestors help me know myself better? That introspection has led me to a few realizations. I have worked very hard to not be blinded by preconceived notions, and I believe I have achieved success in that endeavor.

Trying to look at everything from every different angle can be exhausting and can even lead to decision paralysis, the inability to make a decision because there are too many possible choices. But "thinking outside the box" has served me well in my professional life (as a Programmer Analyst, Systems Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, etc), and sometimes it's fun to share my "different perspectives" with people.

Thus this blog.

I hope you find it interesting.