Ride Report 2018-06-13

My cycling training has been going well. I have an 11.5-mile loop in my neighborhood that includes several steep climbs that have been challenging. I ride that loop once a week, and have improved steadily, which is gratifying.

Today, however, was a little more challenging. It’s a “good news, bad news” story.

The good news is, I was able to ride up all the steep climbs. When I first rode these hills I had to stop and walk on three of them. Each week I reduced the number of walks and shortened the length. Today, I rode them all.


2nd ride of the year/month/week

10.8 mph avg, much better than the 8.7 mph on the last ride. Mostly due to knowing where I was going. Less wandering and more workout.

I wanted to do an even 8.0 miles (bike computer says I did) so instead of turning around where I intended I went partway up the hill that kicked my ass on Tuesday. I figure as I improve, attacking that hill at the halfway point will be a great sprint. Once I feel comfortable with that I'll tackle Whitner Dr, a street near my home that has something like a 9.5% grade.


1st Ride in 2 Years!

First ride in 2 years! And first ride on Suwanee Creek Trail. After work I spent a lot of time wandering around trying to figure where to go in one of the parks, so average time was abysmal. But at least I'm back on the bike! Maybe I'll remember to take a pic next time.